Know Some Common Types of Roofing Scams

06-BRoofing job is a task that demands precision, accuracy and rightfulness. There can be nothing more erroneous than hiring a scammer to do the job, leaving the roof at the mercy or time and weather. So, while hiring a commercial roofing company, it is important to assess the same on various criterion to know that one does not fall a prey to such a scam.

There are many Phoenix Roofing Companies that are backed up with authentic documentation which can be clarified by doing some research. Some so called “roofing contractors” can lure vulnerable homeowners in a deceitful way. Every year many roofing scams are reported wherein down payment is taken and roofer vanish into thin air. So, to have a clear segregation, here are certain scams that the homeowners need to be careful of while selecting a Phoenix roofing company:

  • Storm-Chaser Roofing Scam: As the name indicates, such roofing scammer hunts down a place where a storm has just hit. The kinds of roofing salesman who knock on your door are clearly those who prey on the uneasy minds. Such roofers offer to do an inspection and show the photos of a roof which is recently damaged. This can be fake or clicks of someone else’s roof too.
  • Down Payment Roofing Scam – None of the Commercial roofing companies ask for a big amount in down payment. Those who ask for a big payment should be avoided at all costs. Any authentic roofing company has sufficient resources to handle the job without taking any down payment.
  • Aggressive Salesperson Roofing Scam: Some roofing contractors always create a rush for signing a roofing contract. If any roofing consultant pressurizes you to enter into a contract or force you to agree to immediate roofing work, avoid saying ‘yes’. Being pressured is never a good sign. Such Roofing Companies in Phoenix AZ who acts under a scam remains eager to offer a deal or discount which might expire soon. Any legitimate roofing company will insist on showcasing the urgency by supporting the same with the pictures and concrete facts.

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