8 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Company


If you are finding that the shingles of the roof of your house are disappearing pretty fast, then probably time has arrived when you need to remove your roof with new. Before you appoint any roofer for shingle roofing services there are few questions which you must know that you need to ask them. We prepared a list of questions to share with you. Scroll down to read more.

  1. Is Your Company a Licensed one for Hiring a Roofing Company?: In order to serve clients with roofing services the company should be a licensed one. So it is advisable that you hire only that company which is licensed. To be sure and as a customer you have every right to ask for the copy of the license. Reputed firms will never mind sharing the same with you
  2. Hiring a Roofing Company Address and phone number: Well checking the license or their verbal confirmation about the license is not enough to accept that the company is genuine. You need to ask them about their physical address and phone number. You must visit the office at least once without informing them for surprise visit. This will assure you about the genuine existence of the company. Make Phone conformation also after confirming the number from the telephone directory.
  3. How many years of experience you have in the industry? Experience is something which indicates how well the company served the industry. A roofing company can survive long in the industry only when it managed to satisfy its clients completely. So longer the experience better will be the chance that they will serve you better. For companies with experience below 10 years you can check the client reviews for an idea about the company reputation.
  4. Are your employees having insurance coverage? If the company is having employees more than 6-7 in number then it is mandatory for the company to cover them against workman’s compensation insurance. In case of any accident at time of working on the client location it will be responsibility of the insurance company to bear the compensation which is taken by the roofing company.
  5. Will you remove the roof or repair it? This is one of the vital question for which you need answer. There will be variation in the cost. Full removal may cost you low while partial may cost you high. You can know about it only when they get an inspection done of your roof and based on the condition give a verdict to you.
  6. What type of tile roofing Services you are going to offer?: As you know there are different types of tiles which are available in the market so what will suit you best depends on the shape of the roof as well as on the look you desire to have. The roof tile suppliers will share with you the list of tile types and will also give you a brief about the best suitable one and will also inform as why it is the best. You can select cement roof tiles or any other material tiles as per your need and budget.
  7. How long will it take to complete the work? This is another major question which you can’t miss to ask especially in the case when it’s residential roofing. If the duration of the work will be more, then it’s advisable for you to look for an accommodation near to your house where you can move for that period. The sound of the roofing process can be a reason of concern for the health of kids, aged people and even for you. So better you stay away from the place and just visit from time to time for supervising the work in progress.
  8. What protection you will offer to property in course of roofing process? It is common to see that sometimes property gets damaged at time of roofing. We agree that is not intentionally but such damage is a loss for the owner. So to stay protected it is important for you to know what protection they will take or what coverage they will offer.

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The above few questions which you should ask at time of appointing roofing company either for your roof repair or replacement services.

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