All that You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Types

Every commercial roofing company promises to do a great job but expertise varies with the quality of staff being hired. The job of commercial flat roof repair varies as per the type of roof one needs to get installed. All the roofs must be installed in a proper manner so that they can stay for a long time period and protect the entire household structure.

The commercial and residential roofing job differs in varied aspects such as structural, cost, and design elements. Phoenix commercial roofing company must be inquired about the type of project that needs to be installed before hiring them. It is always advised that the job should be given to those who have years of experience under their belt because of their valuable experience in doing such work.

Commercial Roofing.PNG

Commercial roofing services in Phoenix can be availed to seek advice regarding best commercial roofing products available in the market. As a commercial property owner, it is wise to understand the cost factor associated with each roof type. Some popular types of commercial roofing include:

  • Asphalt Roofing: This is considered as the cheapest as well as the most ideal choice for commercial property owners. This is a perfect fit for those who have a tight budget. If installed appropriately, this roofing is prone to last for 25 – 50 years but require timely maintenance. Also read about Asphalt Vs Flat Roofs.
  • Metal roofing: This type of roof promises reliability and high economical value and is highly recommended by many commercial roofing contractors. It is light in weight and extremely flexible which makes it ideal for structures that cannot take much weight. It is best type if you want to go for impressive shapes and impart it as a likable bend. Also check a quick comparison of Shingle Vs Metal Roofs.
  • Membrane roofing: It is highly effective and since the materials used in the construction are either rubber sheet or PVC which feature bonded seams. Also, it is light in weight and reflects light resulting through the structure keeping it cool at all times.
  • Ceramic Tile Roofing: It is ideal for commercial properties that are situated in warmer climate and works on keeping the buildings cool by repelling sun’s rays.

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