Key Points of Difference between Commercial and Residential Roofing Services

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Many of us do not know the basic difference between these two types of roofs. While the job looks similar, there are many points that set Commercial roofing apart from Residential Roofing services.

For homeowners, a roof is just a roof but one important thing to understand is that each roof carries a different design, and has varied installation process and life expectancy. Some key points of difference between both types of roofs rest with their warranties and features instilled in a roofing system.

Where all the roofing jobs demand proper installation handled only by experienced roofing contractors, not everyone uses the same quality of materials. As a matter of fact not all roofing products have same chassis. So, before availing the Commercial flat roof repair services it becomes important crucial to know what all products are befitting for one’s situation.

  • Design: The basic difference of design pertains to the roof size. A commercial roof is usually either low sloped or completely flat which needs regular inspection & maintenance. While installing, a flat roof repair contractor should consider the large area which is to be covered along with the equipment weight and potential snow load which the roof can accommodate. Contrary to this, residential roofing involves less concerns pertaining to these structural factors.
  • Materials: The job of Residential and commercial roof repair Phoenix varies in cost, life span, and application for the product.  Where a commercial set-up features a flat metal or membrane roof, household roofing has a much steeper shape. A flawless job of roof repair mesa AZ demands professional and extremely qualified roofing experts to fulfill the expectations.  Hire a contractor with decent reputation and experience to avail best advice on which materials can stand against which situation.
  • Also, residential roofing process is a straightforward process whereas commercial roofing requires adept roofing services to assess factors like external piping, air flow systems, etc.

Apart from the difference quoted above, few similarities include in the material and roof types used in these roofing jobs. Metal panels roofing is equally recommended for both Residential and Commercial Roofing jobs.

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