Roof Styles, Materials and Pitch

Roof is one of the most essential and integral part of a home. Different people have different choices when it comes to a home’s interior and exterior décor. Roof comes in the exterior décor of a house. There are numerous types of roofing styles including hip roof, flat, gable, shed, gambrel roof etc. One can choose any of the roofing styles for their home.

Next essential thing for quality roof is its material that is used to build a roof. Similar to the different roof styles, a variety of roof materials are also available. Different material has its own pros and cons. Quality roofing material simply enhances the life expectancy of a roof. Roof pitch or slope is another important factor that must be considered while building a roof. Here is an infographic that will illustrate the different roof styles, materials and roof slope.

Roof Styles, Materials and Pitch

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